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Haven Caylor has an Educational Doctorate in Instructional Leadership. He is a husband and a father. He has taught for almost 30 years: From Kindergarten to Graduate School. His other degrees include Education Specialist in Curriculum Design, and Master of Education as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Social Studies Education.  In Education, he can teach -Behavioral Science -Economics -ESOL -Geography -History -Middle Grades-Social Studies -Political Science -Spanish (P-12) In the literary realms, Haven is the author of Parenting Strategies on the Go: Diverse Teaching Strategies for Parents who Want their Children to learn No matter where or when (Xlibris, 2015). With the collaboration of his children, Haven wrote the adorable Christmas book, Christmas Hawk (Xlibris, 2015) that is a delightful story of a Red-tailed Hawk and the special role she plays during the yuletide season.    Haven is featured in Pyle & Karinch's Find out anything from anyone, anytime (Career, 2014) and Scenic Scenes: A collection of Chattanooga's arts and literature  (Over the Counter productions, 2013) with two short stories regarding parenting. 

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Writing, Teaching, and Parenting